Does Anyone Know

Does anyone know how to love these days?  We all know how to have relationships, and how to spend the night when we don’t want to be alone with ourselves.  We make babies, we use and hurt others.  We get used and hurt, but does anyone make love from the heart?  Is there hope for anyone, is there hope for me?  Most people seem to fear being alone more than anything in life.  I am more afraid of giving and being given love.  Deep inside, I am aware that we reside in a space where only love is real.  How then do I see and give so little of it.  We see innocent children abused, sick, and starving.  We blame God.  Is God to blame, or are we, am I? 

God, I am so terribly afraid, but please give me just enough courage to make a small difference in someone’s life today.

(Source: mikefrawley)