Mike Frawley
If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were.
Richard Bach



His heart was good
his heart was kind
yet answers here
were hard to find
he ate a bullet
now he’s where?
I only hope he found
his answers there


I’m not sure if
I love the smiles
you walk with
or the smiles
behind your eyes

Love’s Lullaby


Hold me softly
across the contours
of your mind

make love
to me sweetly
in rhythm and time

cover me gently
with soft kisses
following every line

I’ll promise
to never leave you
let love become our crime…

Smoking Mirrors By Cristhian Polanco


Opened his eyes
and here comes the sorrow

Kicked out his addictions
for a better tomorrow

Only smoking mirrors
with weakness and sadness

Got a heavy bag and can’t
leave it behind him

Not a bad person, his heart is
just broken.

Always with a smile, but his
pain is unspoken.

So he just says fuck it, and gets
kicked back even harder.

The sorrow has vanished and death
is now smiling.

He looks at the mirror and she’s
standing behind him, impatiently
waiting for his heart to stop pumping.

- CP (Cristhian Polanco - my friend at work)

Wounded Traveler


Perhaps you are searching

for a far-away sanctuary

where your past won’t reach.

Perhaps you will heal

Your own dark wounds

While healing the hearts of strangers.

Perhaps you will find that the sorrow

in those dark and foreign lands

Will mirror your own.


I saw your face inside the fire,

you saw the demons in my eyes,

and as it all burned down around us,

it came as no surprise,

that I was left there laughing,

alone in the dead of night,

with the only light to guide me:

from the flames, still burning bright;

their lashing tongues gave comfort,

and the embers warmed my heart,

until my whole world turned to ashes,

and I just fell apart.

reminders under our feet


beneath the salmon colored ashes of dusk
there is a lonely ripple
of the ones that loose hope to the tenebrous
and the ones that have entombed their love
beneath the starry fields of sky
shoveled deep under the coat of the earth
unable to hear wind move / there are no ears,
or the song the merls repeat,
but scrape leftover bones
of ancestors in a perenial way
to remind us with their tap on roots
- making them grow and expand up
that they are not to be forgotten
in closure of all days.

Gold leaf.


Words, in a cage,
to keep them locked within would be a shame.
Release them for me,
let them flow so free…
Your lips they quiver,
craving poetry…
My quill, so eager,
on your skin it spills…
She’s soaked in verses,
dripping poems
on silk…


I came across this video on youtube yesterday, “Dr. Michio Kaku: UFOs Are Real” and he kinda said it perfectly:

(Entertaining the idea of extraterrestrials) "If they are a thousand, a million years ahead of us, then new laws of physics begin to open up. So we have to open our mind to the possibility that they’re not just a super version of us but that they could be thousands, millions of years more advanced etc. and if they are that advanced, maybe they’re simply just not that interested in us."

A random thought occurred to me last night and it gave me such a headache that i had to go to sleep. Time. “Time” was something us humans created and for us, it’s just a system that works. But it is not real. It blows my mind to imagine that everything we have done in our lives until now could still be replaying over and over again in the past like some sort of movie. And it never ends. It continues through time and space.

Imagine there is already a future, thousands of years away, and it is happening right now, simultaneously, at our present time, and that these UFOs are actually us humans, far more advanced with the ability to travel back in time. Which is pretty damn cool. And if there is other life out there (something other than us humans) then i feel like that’s just as cool. I love this stuff, my inner nerd senses are tingling. Don’t even get me started on parallel universes.

Mike’s Note:  He’s one of my favorites on those Science and History Channel Shows as well.  :)

in obsidian


plant soaking in
secrets from ruins  
grants orphic powers vining 
within solution, releasing goddess 
who inscribes madness into skin 
of creature connecting his god 
until only eyes remain, wide,  
black-open, flow of power 
specific, intrinsic, occult, 
igniting, scorching wings 
of flash penetrable chaos, 
compulsion snapping in jaws,
rising in spirits reddening all
white light to crack glass walls,

- mermaidsbite / Christiane Lopez


her eyes a silvern haunt of twilight
they pace my quick thrumming heart
drawing air now a chore 

she sidles slowly between heart and mind
maneuvering like the air everywhere
i feel her breath but do not see

lilac hair falls about her slender shoulders
haphazard and tangled
she was all of what pastel should be
and nothing more than a memory

she was free



A snowflake,
often regarded
as an icy icon
of individuality.
Each one different,
in its own way.
Like a first dance
or a first kiss
and yet
they also been
final kisses
upon the skin
of frozen men
with frozen hearts.

What is it that you want from me?
What is it that you need?
These questions you keep asking me,
I’m the secret that you keep.
I’ll show you the fight in me,
when I make you feel complete.
The competition’s hard to beat,
‘cause secrets can’t compete.

I want you to pay attention.
I want you to have intentions.
I want you to know what it feels like.
I want you to be alone at night.

I don’t wanna be your sometimes girl.
I don’t wanna be the secret that you keep
from the whole damn world.
I don’t wanna be your sometimes girl.
I don’t wanna be your secret anymore,
I’m not your sometimes girl.

What is it I’m not telling you?
Why are you so confused?
I can’t ask much more of you,
now that your secret is refused.
I take all that’s left of you,
when you’re beaten, broken and bruised.
But you don’t take what’s left of me,
and I’m no longer amused.

I want you to show affection.
I want you as my protection.
I want you to know what it feels like.
I want you to be my shining-armored knight.

I don’t wanna be your sometimes girl.
I don’t wanna be the secret that you keep
from the whole damn world.
I don’t wanna be your sometimes girl.
I don’t wanna be your secret anymore,
I’m not your sometimes girl.

I want you to hold me tight,
I want you to hold me strong.
I want you in my bed tonight,
I want you all night long.
I want you. I want you. I want you to want me.

Sometimes Girl© 2014 Sarah Marie Pardy (via thehappypoetess)